Building the FutuRE

Of Food

Creating the next generation of thinkers and doers in Finland's FoodTech Ecosystem


We are a startup ecosystem helping to grow the Finnish FoodTech scene. We do this not only by helping bring the different players of the food industry together, but also by connecting them globally and inviting non-traditional food industry players into the field.


Whether you are a novice just starting their food journey or a seasoned professional, we invite you into our community to continue your learning and growth.



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We welcome people from all kinds of backgrounds, regardless of age or experience, to join our online community. All you need is a curiosity to learn more about the food industry and the desire to make an impact

Image by Dan Gold

Startup Kitchen

We're making the case for establishing a startup community kitchen right in the heart of Tampere. The kitchen could serve not only food and foodtech startups, but also serve as a nexus point for other communities to join the discussion about the future of food and food innovation


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