Shoots & Giggles MAKEathon

Hey foodies and innovators, how are you guys doing?

Last summer we had so much fun with Feeding The Future Hackathon, it truly connected us with many talents around the globe despite being organized on a digital platform, and despite no physical contacts.

Therefore, we have decided to host another one - It's called the Shoots & Giggles MAKEathon! However, this is not going to be a formal Hackathon. There will be no pressure to present a great business plan or no pressure to generate a start-up as an outcome. Instead, the MAKEathon will be a relaxed event where we focus on creating working prototypes, and to hang around with our food & foodtech community members as well as us organizers (We can be really chilled. We promise).

We welcome all participants from different continents and backgrounds. You don’t have to be an expert in nutrition/food production or a coder to be eligible. You just need to bring your energy, enthusiasm, and willingness to experiment.

The Shoots and Giggles MAKEathon will be organized within 1.5 days, from midday of Friday 13 November to the night of Saturday 14 November. We are giving away one Sustainable Foods Conference's full pass (and many other so-called prizes), hence our theme will be SUSTAINABLE FOOD. We challenge you with the following problems:

  1. Vertical/Urban farming

  2. Food waste

  3. Sustainable seafood

Are you already interested? Register for our event today!

Do you still have other inquiries and want to wait for further announcement? Join our Discord community for more details (and fun), we are always happy to provide the answers to your questions.

We also condensed all the information into a 2-minute video. Enjoy the season and let's hop on the 'Shoots & Giggles' boat with us!

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