The Foodeshow

The Foodeshow is the first-ever fully digital food trade show in the world.

It was created during Covid-19 to help buyers and producers connect in a new way.

Put simply, The Foodeshow provides a global platform, managed by their international team, for businesses to exhibit their work and the chance to connect with other participating companies and attendees throughout the event. Likewise, attendees could purchase passes that allow them to watch the collective works (such as products, services, food and non-food) from all exhibitors and the availability to network with businesses through matchmaking.

The success of the event can be seen in their 2020 Post Event Report ( ), where its virtual show amassed over 1300 participants, with 4000 exchanged messages across the event and with 1200+ discussions created. Also, 4.6 / 5 average contact scoring shows attendees at the show were engaged with the content and was of suitability according to their interest. The report showcases Foodeshow's incredible digital platform reach, and its brilliant usage of networking amongst participants.

Heuda Guessous and Jalal Benbrahim, the co-founders of Foodeshow, designed the digital platform to cultivate opportunities and connections between innovative companies no matter what size. They seek to address issues erupted from the current crisis. To give an example, travelling is no longer safe, and businesses are finding new ways to cover costs. Hence, The Foodeshow beautifully merges itself into this gap, providing a digital platform for the like-minded across 95 countries to share ideas and innovate.

As an attendee of the 2-day event taken place earlier this September, the sheer amount of ideas and strategies proposed by the panellists was profoundly intriguing and surprisingly. In my experience, one of the many common complications of hosting virtual events is lack of inclusivity – Foodeshow's clever use of the digital platform swap card allowed for better inclusion. Further, the option to replay talks from the event even after it has finished redefines flexibility for those that are busy.

An incredibly exciting aspect of this show was the thought-provoking talks. Take the event 'Brand Engagement from design to communication'. What if I told you the design of packaging is no longer about sales and brand recognition? The team from the World Design Organisation, World Packaging Organisation and Greativa Consulting group offered this revelation to its panels and its audiences. Packaging has evolved to emotional connection, relevance in people's lives, meeting society's purpose and focus on the ecosystem value. To briefly describe, food waste often occurs through incorrect storage. If the packaging is done right. We soon find they are not our enemy but our friend.

All in all, The Foodeshow not only provides a collaborative platform for speakers but also an educational ground for participants. The Foodeshow community talks begin from October 1st 2020 and are hosted weekly by expert speakers delivering talks of their field. For those that are interested in tuning in for the community talks, check out The Foodeshow's website here:

To join The Foodeshow's next event taking place on 9-12th March 2021, contact

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