become a volunteer

This community is possible thanks to our team of dedicated and awesome volunteers. We have opportunities to volunteer in several different areas


Digital marketing

Our digital marketing team not only manages the posts for our social media (SoMe) channels, but sets the marketing strategy based on our organization’s overall goals


  • Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn Posting

  • Copywriting (for posts)

  • Strategic planning, Analytics, etc.


Content Creation

Assists with creating visuals and content both for social media and the website

  • Graphic Designers

  • Video content creators

  • Bloggers/Copywriters


community building

Helps maintain and build our online presence

  • Discord community moderation

  • Member retention (communication)

  • Event management (online)

  • E-newsletter (via email)


Web design

We use Wix to maintain our website. Even so, a little extra help never hurts.

  • Webpage designers

  • Web developers (for creating apps in Wix and Discord)

  • UX/UI Designers


your own role

Don’t see anything that quite fits the roles above but still interested in being a part of the community? No worries. Contact us anyways and we will see if we can find a role or project that suits your needs.

Volunteering is done online and remotely at the moment. There is a possibility to volunteer offline, but this requires that you already live in Tampere, Finland. Sorry, we are unable to assist you with acquiring any permits to come to Finland on the basis of volunteering at this time. Unfortunately there are no open paid positions available at this time.


If you are interested in volunteering please contact us and write “Volunteering” in the subject header, along with a description of your current skills and interests.


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